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How are Scuttlr prices so low? 11.10.2021

Do you know how scuttlr manages to offer such low prices for hotels, compared to all the other booking sites? It's a fair question, but it's quite simple really.


The founders of scuttlr wanted to offer users a way to get the lowest prices possible. Scuttlr gets the wholesale rate for hotel rooms and instead of marking up the room rate, offers the wholesale price to scuttlr members.


How do scuttlr make any money? They charge a small annual member fee and that's it. They make a little from a lot. They already have over 6,000 members in just two months. They aim to have a million members by the end of 2024.


Scuttlr really does offer the lowest price for any hotel worldwide, and the hotels like scuttlr because scuttlr are not making lots of money at the expense of the hotels, unlike all the other OTA's. Also, scuttlr doesn't play the dirty games like the other booking sites, it doesn't matter what hotel you book or when, because they do not make any money on the booking!


We believe scuttlr will become the normal way to book hotels online, scuttlr members are paying half the price in some cases compared to other users booking through sites like & Trivago! 

Scuttlr Launch August 2021 11.10.2021

Scuttlr launched to the general public on 1st August 2021. Now everyone can benefit from this revoltionary booking site, they have changed the business model for booking hotels & travel online. Unlike all the other booking sites they do not add any commission or charges to the room rate, meaning you can book at prices 15%-40% lower, saving you lots of money everytime you book. They charge a small annual subscription fee to access there booking platform to cover operational costs.

Get 12 months FREE membership 11.10.2021

As a member you can see why is the best thing to happen to the OTA (Online Travel Agents) market in 20 years. You can renew your membership completely FREE when you invite family & friends to join. For every 3 people you invite who join via your invite link, we will renew your membership at renewal Free of charge!