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Brilliant booking site.

328 days ago

I have used Scuttlr & saved a fortune, there is no catch, they're fantastic, checkout their prices. Also, with the Covid Pandemic if you have to cancel your booking you get a full refund in cash, not a voucher!


Join now and save 30%

316 days ago

Hurry & join while they have a 30% discount off membership prices and then you are guaranteed to save on your next booking. Don't wait until you are ready to book your next hotel. Their prices are the lowest I could find anywhere online, all the time not just for flash sale


Still can't believe the prices!

360 days ago

A wonderful experience in the deserts, something unimaginable and unexpected. The price we paid was 37% lower than anywhere else online, unbelievable!


Why don't you advertise in the Netherlands?

351 days ago

I live in the Netherlands & have been a test member for a while. Why don't you advertise in the Netherlands you would get thousands of members?


Cheapest hotels online

328 days ago

I use hotels frequently for work and stay all over the UK. I have saved thousands of £'s since being a scuttlr test member. When they launch this site make sure you check it out and join, you will get your membership back on your 1st family booking. Also, if you are going on holiday make sure you book your activities & attractions before you travel and save another 20% off the ticket price.



348 days ago

It has been an amazing experience being part of the test team for the scuttlr development. I have used the platform 4 times to book hotels in four different countries. Their prices look too good to be true, but I can guarantee you that there is no catch. I have saved a fortune. I can recommend Scuttlr to everybody who books hotels for business or pleasure. Fantastic platform.


Although we got our family membership for free for being a tester for their new booking platform, we saved £897 for our family trip to Orlando.

344 days ago

We joined Scuttlr because my sister works there and was always talking about how low their prices are & how much we could save. I always used Trivago because I thought they offered the best prices, they don't! Scuttlr is way cheaper than any other booking company by far & you can check before you join. A no brainer.


Price was £476 cheaper than

327 days ago

I couldn't believe my eyes. We booked as a guest member and still saved £403 as soon as we returned I bought a family membership. Everything was exactly the same as if I booked with This is going to be bigger than Air BnB!


Easy to use

330 days ago

I have just joined & booked my 1st hotel, I searched all the other booking sites and Scuttlr was 28% cheaper than best price I could find. The booking process was easy & I got my confirmation & invoice within seconds by email. I am convinced this site will become really popular. Well done Scuttlr.


Great Experience

319 days ago

Great Experience with Scuttlr. They gave me a holiday of a lifetime. Go for your dream holiday & save a fortune. You will get your annual subscription back on your 1st booking. we saved over £1,700 for a 10 night stay, crazy.


Easiest & cheapest booking I ever made

327 days ago

I checked scuttlr prices with & Trivago & they were 25% lower. I bought a membership & booked my trip & I received my booking confirmation within seconds by email. Easy, easy easy.


Brilliant booking site

310 days ago

We've just booked our first trip to Portugal and saved £276 on our hotel for the week, we only paid £84 for our yearly membership, so already saved nearly £200! Brilliant


Fantastic Site

533 days ago

I have just booked our first family holiday since the pandemic begun, I searched my usual booking sites & scuttlr was £468 cheaper for exactly the same hotel & room. The booking process was a little awkward, but for £468 I didn't care! I have also looked at our next stay in Florida & the hotel is nearly £1,000 cheaper with Scuttlr, unbelievable.

Adam Penberry

Join now and save 30%

165 days ago

Hurry & join while they have a 30% discount off memberships. We have just booked the Maldives for July 2022 & saved over £1,400 compared to!



174 days ago

I have been doing price comparisons with my normal booking site & Scuttlr really is way cheaper, on average about 31% & they have hotels all over the world. Great site can't wait to book my next holiday which is way overdue


I don't normally leave reviews

166 days ago

I don't normally leave reviews, but I had to point out how much this site is compared to all the other booking sites. It cost us £83 for our family membership & we saved £374 on our hotel in Spain & that was on the first booking. We will save probably over £1000 in a year. Crazy


Fantastic news

164 days ago

I have just heard of Scuttlr's partnership with Greenr to develop the 1st green booking site, well done & I can't wait to book with a clear conscience


Best of both worlds

164 days ago

Not only can you get the best price for hotels you can also book knowing what the hotels are doing to save the planet. I know they are a new company, but this booking site is going to be hugely popular


The cheapest booking site

158 days ago

I have spent the last couple of days comparing hotel prices on-line & their prices are on average 32% lower than all the other booking sites. When I checked the Maldives there was one resort where was £8,251 for 10 nights - Scuttlr was £5,223 that's a saving of over £3,000!!!!!!. I have now join & am getting family & friends to join as well


No catches their prices are real

126 days ago

We've just got back from Lanzarote with the 2 kids where we stayed in a 4* hotel with b/fast for 5 nights & save £416. We always use, but thought we would try scuttlr & everything was fine. Check out their prices before you book your next holiday they are way cheaper than all the other sites.

Dave R

Will only ever use Scuttlr to book hotels

118 days ago

I travel a lot on business & scuttlr prices are normally about 25% cheaper than anyone else. After Covid 19 we wanted to treat ourselves & go to the Maldives. When I did some price comparisons I couldn't believe the price with Scuttlr. We knew the resort we wanted to stay in, which is 5 star. I checked the price on Trivago & the best price was £8,521 for 10 nights, then I checked Scuttlr & the same room all inclusive was £3.956, 54% cheaper. I had to contact them to check everything was correct and it was. So now we are looking forward to our Maldives holiday in September with lots of extra spending money :-)

Georgia Mae

I don't know how their prices are so good?

121 days ago

I am a bit of an expert when it comes to booking hotels, but I must admit I don't know how they get the prices they do?


Have used them loads of times

132 days ago

I have used them over 10 times & I would never use anyone else

Kingsland Q

Best booking site ever

122 days ago

Their prices are unbelievable

G Williams

They have got it right

121 days ago

I am a travel junky & Scuttlr is the best thing to happen to online booking sites ever

World Traveller

Great site

122 days ago

They are exactly the same as all the other booking sites, except their prices are way cheaper


Best site ever

123 days ago

Well done Scuttlr, don't know how you do it? But keep on doing it

K Brown

Fantastic new site

32 days ago

Recommended by a friend, already booked & saved £241 on my hotel!!!

Paul B

Really good idea

34 days ago

Have just joined & it cost me £99, I booked my hotel in Sunny Beach for a week in August & saved £502. A no brainer

Janet Brown

No Catch

35 days ago

We joined in March & have booked hotels 4 times and saved nearly £1,000 already. If you book hotels you should be using this booking site.

B Shroeder

Good site, but savings not brilliant

49 days ago

Definitely will save you money, but we only saved £90 on our booking to Spain for a week

Jo Brown